Hello! My name is BrynAlyn Evorik, and I am so excited to be going on this new exciting journey with all of you!

My husband and I live right here in Crown Point with our 3 fantastic kids and our super adorable dog!

Natural health and wellness is my passion. I know how crazy busy life can be with kids and jobs and cooking and cleaning and trying to get a little sleep and maybe have enough time and energy to have a little fun once in awhile!

This is not a weight loss center or a fad diet sales pitch. Simple Wellness is a wellness office that focuses on gut health, pH, stress management, creating sustainable diet and lifestyle changes, educational workshops and bodywork!

This is your first step towards ​simple wellness.

​Let’s get started!


I graduated from American School of Massage in 2002 as a Certified Massage Therapist, and received my license in 2008. I studied nutrition at The Institute of Integrative Nutrition and became a Certified Health Coach in 2016 and continued my education at Trinity School of Natural Health where I graduated as a Traditional Naturopath in 2018, Board Certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP).

I am a natural health enthusiast. I have studied health, nutrition, mindfulness, stress management, herbs, diet, oils and so much more…


Balance is a myth.

We tend to strive for perfection, and we set ourselves up for failure. And how boring life would be if we were all perfect all the time! Life is not black and white. There is a lot of gray, and that’s where we find our “balance zone”

Our needs change as we get older…heck, sometimes our needs change day to day or hour to hour! That goes for nutritional needs as well as emotional needs!

What works for us one day may not work for us the next.

I am not an M.D. I cannot prescribe pharmaceuticals or diagnose disease.
What I CAN do is help you learn to listen to your body. I can help you understand the importance of a whole food diet. I can work with you on reducing the toxic food-like substances from your daily life.

I can help you embrace the gray.

See you soon!



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